Monday, November 2, 2009

Yes Sir!

Ruby the Friendly Ghost

Thursday I was told to go home from work because I was working too much... That was nice. Friday morning I took my little ghost to school and walked in to the office about 9am - two hours later than usual. At 9:15 I got an email from the Strategy Director in London. He was wondering if I could be in London next week... Yes sir. Too much, not enough, who knows, but this time I'm bringing Laura with me to London and leaving the little ones with the grandparents. Oh yeah, my place is still a total construction zone from the flood. Oops. I won't be back in the country until the 11th, so I'll miss the Green Monster at Northbrook.

Work, shmurk. Sunday was awesome.

Cruella De Vil

Pic: Madcross

Everyone's form is coming on strong. Holly took the top step of the podium again! She's really showing her strength, coming out swinging from lap one in every race. Well done Holly.

Classic day in the mud

How about the boys digging deep Sunday afternoon. Kevin and Mike were making major watts for 60 minutes straight. They battled hard back and moving between 2nd and 5th, trading leads, falling back, moving up... Exciting. Racing as it should be. In the end Kevin saw through the pain and put another late move together to secure 2nd place. But everyone notice that Hemme's form is seriously improving and it won't be long before he's on the podium too. Some more great pics of the guys racing in the mud here.

I cracked back in to the top 20 with a strong finishing lap. I made three passes in the last muddy, barrier laden section of the course and felt good about putting some technical skills to use. So many times this season guys have blown by me on the straights, at least I know I have a card to play too. It helped that I got a call up for dressing as a cyclocross racer...

Let's give Bicycle Heaven and the CCC a big word-to-the wise for continuing with the momentum from the first half of the season. Spectacular course, well organized as always, and another great crowd to cheer everyone on. I managed two piece's of cake (thanks Julie), a little limp bacon, M&Ms and $101!

This week's Classic Moments in Cyclocross comes from the newly formed RVBR team.

If your not having fun, what are you having?

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Julie said...

Hey, way to go this weekend! It was fun feeding you pumpkin pie :)