Monday, October 26, 2009

Long Winded

Word up to the Chicago Cross Cup for putting on and incredible first half of the season. There have been five races with awesome courses. The CCC has responded to concerns with real action. Race results are posted before I can even get home and finish dinner. And the races are consistently seeing record turn out. This is good for everyone - racers, sponsors, local business, bike shops, bike companies, etc. Hell yes.

Win, Podium, Survive

Blast off!

It's Holly this week who wanted it the most. Congrats to Holly for her dominating first win this year in the Womens 1/2/3. Kevin had a solid performance to earn a third place in the Mens 1/2/3. He kept his cool and got it done on the last lap breaking away form a strong chase group of five guys.

Mach 1

Mike Hemme is alive! After his first trip in the Lion's Den he came out in one piece. When I asked him how it was he responded, "Fast." Going head to head with the nation's fastest is something I will never do. Hunt down Mike at the next race to ask him about beating Jeremy Powers. You the man Mike.

I was supposed to be in Louisville to race the 4s. I was looking forward to racing against a bunch of unknowns and in a world class setting. However, as a dad, things came up, like the temperature of Ruby. Below is the report from my Louisville experience, minute by minute - kind of:

Friday afternoon

11:00 - I took a half day at work to hit the road early

11:45 - Organized a ton of clean gear

12:30 - Packed the car

13:00 - Hit the road? No. 103 and a cough meant I had to bag the trip...

Saturday morning

08:30 - The whistle blows, pretty good start

08:35 - Damn this course is buttery smooth

Great recommendation Helge

08:42 - I must have hit 20mph bridging up to the leaders

09:09 - Get it together man!

09:10 - Podium!


My race in Bartlett on Sunday was good. I lined up 15 minutes before the race and ended up in up way in the back. I had a good, aggressive start, narrowly missed a big crash and made it up into the top twenty by the time I got over the triple barriers.

Estimating the gap that was about to form behind me...

The rest of my race was status quo - kept the pressure up best I could and stuck Heckler Hill three times straight. Undoubtedly some of the best heckling of the year on that greasy little lump.

Classic moments in Chi Cross Cup brought to you by me.

100% classy


Mike said...

Great shot of you checking out the carnage from the crash. Missed having you down in Louisville but glad everyones getting time.

Jonathan said...

Next time indeed! Amassing kids has many perks but also a few unadvertised complexities.