Monday, November 16, 2009


Chicago Cross Cup stop eight in Indian Lakes was a drunken feast, and after a stint in the UK I was beat, over worked and ready to relax. So yeah, I lined up to race, because we all know how relaxing that can be... Thanks to Chicago Cross Cup and South Chicago Wheelman for putting on a sizzler at the Indian Lakes Hilton.




Pic: dirt+beer

My race in brief: good start, crash, Twinkie, beer, beer, beer, whiskey, beer, crash.

Best part of my race: spouting drunkenly, and out of breadth, to someone he had a flat tire - then watching him look down as I made my pass.

Classic Moments in Cyclocross brings you drunkenness in a hot tub thanks to the pre race party. Props to Ben for making it into the hottest tubs each and ever time.


Sage said...

that someone with a "flat tire" was me, and that was hilarious. nice move!

Jonathan said...

Dude, I'm sorry about. Funny, yes, but not very sporting.