Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lo-Fi UK

My last minute call up to London proved to be a good time even thought I had to work my ass off. Laura was able to make it out for six very well earned days of holiday. It was nice to have a side kick on such a long trip away from home. What follows is my Lo-Fi/iPhone London report. I'll follow up with a glossy report too.

The trip started out on a high note when saw COURAGE get a call out in Bicycling Magazine. We made a pretty short list of talented builders and got a nice pic of Arron's latest stainless dropout.

I eat my way through long flights. Fresh, bag stable ingredients like bread, cheese, chocolate, olives, and cured meats make eight static hours in coach bearable. I also enjoyed the Tyson documentary to kill a little time. It doesn't address the question of his moral station - it simply tells his hardened story. Well worth a watch.

I took off at 5:30pm, landed at 6:30am and went straight to the office for a 11 hour day. Between the Tube and my office I saw the following sign and the coolest bike in London. Honestly, I never saw a single bicycle that made me drop jawed, but the shear number of cyclist in the city was inspiring. I'll cover that a bit more in the Hi-Fi write up.

The Condor store is a couple blocks from our office so I made a lunch time trip to check it out. Condor owns Rapha. From a retailing study the store was exquisite, if a bit cold. It didn't have the worn in history I would have expected (and wanted) from a such an established London institution. However, they had a fit rig that was out of this world, complete with a patina produced by putting 100's of cyclist through fit sessions - maybe this was all the history a pro shop needs.

Now it's official.

The flight home was made all the better by some stinky, unpasteurized French cheese and sardine filled olives.

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