Friday, December 5, 2008

My week in commuting

Funny time of year to start a bike blog, but here I go. Trust you will see many changes in the coming weeks.

This was the first week Chicago’s wintry weather put our metal to the test. I would describe my rides as playing Labyrinth, the tilting top marble maze game, with Pearl Izumi Lobster Claws. Lot of slipping around and a total lack of confidence to do anything about it. Take a healthy coating of ice, gusting winds, 38mm profile rims, darkness and cold, and you are asking for all kinds of trouble. At the end of each ride my hands ached from the stress of continuously feeling like you were going to hit the deck. If it wasn’t ice it was wind. No wind, ice. And sometimes, like when I was going north bound at top speed from Michigan Ave to the inner drive from the wrong lane it was both. Yes, I know it’s a bit silly to risk my race bike commuting in such crappy conditions but I’ve been trying to turn my commute into a training ride by doing intervals in the grass and snow front of the zoo.

Every year I try and make sure I ride into work on a subzero and 100+ degree day. Sometimes you have to wait until deep winter sets in to get that subzero day. I’m not sure that we’ll have to wait so long this year. Only in the Midwest do cyclists have to have gear for a 100 degree range.

I can’t wait for the State Championships this weekend. It’s going to be perfect cross weather. I’ve been letting the beard get thick in anticipation of the cold.

I’ve convinced a bunch of non-cyclist to come out and watch the 4’s performance of the Calamity Dance. I encourage all you to do the same!


Moshe said...

i get to be your first commenter.

Naz said...

Great to see you start a blog!

I'm not that pleased to see winter here. The trainer was begrudgingly brought out so I could get my intervals in. If I actually had to commute, I'd do it but since I don't, I'd rather stay warm!

That said, I hope I'll be at least mentally prepared for Montrose, seeing as how I'm probably not physically so.

Ben said...

nice! Got to meet Joel and Aaron in PDX this weekend. Nice guys.

Jonathan said...

Ben - glad you got to meet Aaron and Joel. I concur, they're really stand up guys.