Friday, December 26, 2008

It’s not you, it’s me. But we can still be friends…

I haven’t dated since high school, I married my senior prom date. So I’m a little out of practice with breaking up. However, I feel like I’ve been dumped pretty hard by cyclocross, my trouble making Twany Kataen of a girl friend.

Where did I go wrong?

Why do I wake up every Sunday on edge and ready to race?
Is getting chubby and slow after a break up normal?
Is it wrong that when I walk on an icy downtown sidewalk I pass people and think to myself, I’m not a true power walker, but I’ve got the technical skills to win today?
What is wrong with me?

Everyone’s blogs have been letting up. We get a trickle of news from Europe, but I have a hard time pronouncing the races and racers names. Really, what am I supposed to do with myself? Prepping for NAHBS is my only saving grace, but it’s not quite the same as lining up to race every weekend.

I’m sure in the spring I’ll crush out on my road bike and get out on the trails a few times too. But what is eating me up is that I know next fall I’m going to slut it up and take cyclocross back like a hot heavy metal girl friend from the wrong side of the tracks.

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R. Zach Thomas said...

Let's get out for a ride this weekend. Come and join the HACT guys/gals for an invigorating romp to Highland Park or points beyond. It'll be good for ya.