Monday, December 8, 2008

The Calamity Dance

Sunday’s race at Montrose Harbor delivered like Merckx in the 60’s and 70’s - hard, fast, and unrelenting. John Villena even lived up to the Cannibal moniker by drinking his own blood for most of our race. John is a hardman and earned the win the hard way.

Who set up that course? Turin? Someone please enlighten me. Big props for making it fun as hell. Great use of the lake front features, some super technical spots and the frozen dune was the closest thing to a kicker all season. Again and again the terrain at the harbor provides the foundation for a great race, and three years straight Mother Nature provided the goods to make it a proper cyclocross affair – straight nasty (somewhere in the back of my mind I’m hearing a Fishbone song about nastiness). Am I the only one wondering why there isn’t a mid-season race there in addition to the State Championship? Bring more cross into the city!

I wrapped up the season with a second place, my best finish of the year. I’d been using a special Navy Seal training regime, code named New Born, for the last few weeks to really up my game. It mostly consists of not sleeping for three weeks before a race and bullying your expectations so low that you ignore all better judgment and push yourself into the redzone.

Cyclocross has the best fans. You all rock for sticking around and cheering on COURAGE and the rest of the 4Bs in the freezing cold darkness. Word!


Naz said...

Turin it was indeed.

Great finish to the season Jon!

Mike said...

Fantastic race. You got a great start and rode that course well. You also need to adjust your terms, not being able to ride as much whether its due to a newborn, weather, or planned training is called 'tapering'. Much like drinking beer before/during/after the season is simply a method for getting adequate carbs.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for the props guys.

Mike - somehow I feel my special paternal suffering deserves an ominous secret opps sounding name... Wonka's Top Hat Taper... Turkish Taper... Blue Door Taper... Light Hammer Taper...

R. Zach Thomas said...

I'll bet the bike was quite pleased with second place.

What an awesome and admirable effort yesterday. Hats off.

Aaron Hayes said...

great report! whose next for operation new born?