Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rest Day

Will power

For all of us used to viewing Tour photography in low res on, etc. I gift you this link to The Boston Globe's, The Big Picture section. While you're pining for tomorrows battle, enjoy these beautiful shots from the first half of the race.


Un-rest-day-like, I met up with Hemme, Ben, and some friendly Half Acre guys for coffee after everyone suffered in their own private hells masked with the unassuming name of "My Workout." I love the bikes of fast men like Hemme and Ben, they have sweet hi-po bikes set up for getting faster, not looking faster - frame pumps, mismatch wheels, various computers and their associated wires, grim. Standing still the bikes are a little gorky and unassuming - at speed your imagination erases the training paraphernalia and replaces it with your jealous aspirations.

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Pankonin said...

What a bike tells us; I know what you're talking about. Bikes absorb suffering, reprocessing it for another day. Maybe for you or someone else. They are usually well cared for but show marks of hard riding.