Monday, July 26, 2010

I Don't Care - All Natural, Jiffy, Peter Pan - Just Make It Smooth


On Saturday Ruby and I checked out some wild BMX action at the Dew Tour. These BMX kids are crazy smooth. When Nys bunny hops a barrier we all get giddy, but when a 16 year old rocks a 1080 Turn Down off a six foot kicker and lands ninja quite ten feet from you face there is just no way to compare the two. A big old fat "What the fuck!" is all I could piece together in my head. Even after two hours of course side action Ruby and I were mesmerized. Check out some of the action here.

The gear head in me also noticed a lot of ti spokes. Seemed strange until I heard an interview of a PRO talking about how much he liked the way they looked. Kids.

BTW, check out Part II from the the Boston Globe's TdF cover in The Big Picture.

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