Saturday, September 12, 2009

Moth Balls and Prep Work

I think my road bike has been parked for the remainder of the year. I've spent the last two weeks on my cross bike and have enjoyed it more than a three year old with a gallon of Rocky Road ice cream. I didn't intend to hang up my road bike, but with cross on my mind I can't fathom what would get me back on the road.

I'm wrapping up my second serious weekend of cross practice and have begun to hone some of the skills required. I'm feeling good on my dismounts and through the corners, but I just can't get the stutter step out of my remount. I swear we all could have been prodigal junior cross racer had we know such a thing existed in our youth - at the age of 10 what kid couldn't jump on and off their bike at speed with total confidence?

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