Thursday, June 10, 2010

Material Value


Aaron showing some skills. With this level of polish there is nowhere to hid imperfections. This is going to build up into a beautiful new COURAGE.

Another great reason to love steel - you can bend is back. Last week I was riding in a six man paceline enjoying a huge tailwind. Suddenly someone yells, "gravel!" Bang, one after the other we bunny hop a big dug out section of road. I land and get back on the gas but the cranks don't want to turn. I glance down expecting a dropped chain, but instead find my front derailleur pointed north-northwest. Scheisse! Bent front hanger.

Turns out I'm able to loosen it and spin back to Roscoe Village Bikes in the little ring. Hesitant to test my feel for when the hanger will yield versus spring back I let John work his magic and it's bent back and readjusted in 2 minutes. Word.


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